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Свадьба Олега и Ольги 15.04.201
Живой ансамбль, шаржист, активные гости и интересный ресторан "Адмирал Бенбоу" 10 апреля 2010г. сделали незабываемым день свадьбы Ольги и Олега. Я был ведущим.
17 Feb 2016

by Jeana @ 18 May 2016 06:05 pm
congrats vijay on your unoficial job offer.liked your reasoning for Etc., because i share the same opinion.Been a reader of your blog for quite long time and would like to walk in your path.making plans for the same , to be in one of indias best b-setools.chcers,srikanhh.( i see a visit to my page from your sitemeter statisitics. so u already has visited my blog :-) )
by Dell @ 19 Aug 2016 06:43 pm
Boy do I miss the 90 s NBA. The 90 s NBA was one of the best era. I remember watching this in my living room growing up. Because of Jordan is what made me get into basketball. You can’t compare to78&y#a21d;s NBA to the 90 s NBA at all. Jordan was the king of NBA. Jordan never missed any shots in his career. We will never find another Miichael Jordan today the way the NBA looks today. Today the NBA SUCKS. Kobe Bryant and LeBron suck ASS. They ain’t nuttin compare to Jordan was. 90 s was best generation
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