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Ведущий новогоднего корпоратива 2017 в Москве, ведущий на новогодний корпоратив 2018 Москва

Корпоратив компании "Навигатор" 10.06.2010
Чикаго, Перестрелки, Шотландский чай, Разборки кланов, Копы, Карманники, Саксофон, Иллюзионист, Виноградное вино, Доллары, Много стилистов, Джаз...... и все это было в ресторане "Атлас парк-отеля" 07.06.2010г. Я проводил корпоратив мафиозей из "НавигатОре".
17 Feb 2016

by Tibbie @ 18 May 2016 05:45 pm
I think we all know by now that it’ll be utter joy when Doc Wilde and the others come finally into our lives, so go easy on yourself, Tim.The important thing is that you’re being straightforward and honest with us, much appreciated.And that cover of Doc Wilde and The Mad Skull looks already crusey!Bpet,AeraP.S. Thanks for the generous freebie!
by BertieorBirdie @ 19 Aug 2016 06:54 pm
reviews were useless, they are good for information, and I really like Joe, I wod&#nlu8217;t want him to stop.I just don’t think any review should stop you from checking out a game you are interested in. At least give it a rent, well when the console version comes out.Obviously if you weren’t interested with the game to begin with, I wouldn’t expect you to check it out.
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